@UVS we supply easy to use equipment and software that takes away the hassle of configuration and analyzing. Giving you the tools to identify issues before they occur and translate measured data into preventive actions.

Use our SMART sensor technology (ERL and EVDL series) to extract the data you need to get an inside to your assets is a good start. But we have more to offer...

Via our IIoT Engine you can extract many different sensor brands and types easily and make the extracted, time synced data available for any application.

Are you ready for taking your business to the next level...? OpenICM our SMART Asset management system will enable you to plan, predict and prevent maintenance tasks, optimizing your effectiveness and efficiency in order to enable maximum output and performance.

The technology to take you further is here.... your future is PINK.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in manufacturing. Also known as the Industrial Internet, IIoT incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing the sensor data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years. The driving philosophy behind the IIoT is that smart machines are better than humans at accurately, consistently capturing and communicating data. This data can enable companies to pick up on inefficiencies and problems sooner, saving time and money and supporting business intelligence efforts. In manufacturing specifically, IIoT holds great potential for quality control, sustainable and green practices, supply chain traceability and overall supply chain efficiency. (source : techtarget)

  • Our products are designed for industrial environments, requirements and applications
  • Sensors measure multiple parameters hence providing context rather than a single parameter
  • Buy a single sensor and use this in your application or utilize our platform OpenICM for easy access and data analyses

Unique and awesome

ERL and EVDL IIoT condition monitoring devices offer much more than just raw single parameter reading. These SMART devices record, detect annalyse log asset behaviour with one purpose: detecting degradation and possible failure. Both devices are able to operate wirelessly and without external power sources for long periods while still providing extreemly high measurement precision.

Posted by: CTO R. Kok on Februari 10, 2018

Motorreductors comprise out of a complex elektromechanical elements and most often a flexible suspension making it difficult to automatically detect root cause degradation. A single ERL is able to distinquise individual element degradation and warn before failure occurs.

Posted by: CTO R. Kok on Februari 10, 2018

There are plenty of reasons why you don't want to temporarily install multiple PT100's in an hygenic process line. ERLT measures via infrared directly onto piping without the need for welding, wiring or powersupply.